PET Strapping Rolls

PET STRAPPING (Polyester Strapping)


PET Strapping has a higher tensile strength than other plastic strapping such as PP strapping (Polypropylene) and it’s characteristics give the strapping an extra life span, resistant to ultra violet light and is 100% weather proof.

One of the great advantages is the high elasticity of the strap which allows the strap to remain tense even if the package shrinks/shifts after being strapped.

In numerous applications PET strapping can replace steel strapping and be more much more cost effective and user friendly.


Information about PET Strapping

Size(mm) Colour Finish Breaking Strength Length per coil
9.5 x 0.6 Green Embossed 205 Kgs 3000m
11 x 0.5 Green Embossed 220 Kg 3000m
12 x 0.6 Green Embossed 250 Kg 2750m
15.5 x 0.6 Green Embossed 365 Kg 1800m
15.5 x 0.8 Green Embossed 450 Kg 1300m
15.5 x 0.88 Green Embossed 550 Kg 1220m
19 x 0.8 Green Embossed 585 Kg 1000m
19 x 1.0 Black Smooth 750 Kg 800m
19 x 1.27 Green Smooth 825 Kg 600m


All of the above coils come on a cardboard core with a diameter of 406mm. 202mm cores available on request.


All the above strapping can be made as Semi Auto or Fully Auto strapping.


Different colours and finish are available on request. We can also print your company name on the strapping if required.


Our product range is always improving. The above is list of our standard products, Please contact us is you have any special requirements for your strapping.