Please see below an example of the strapping tools that we can offer, ranging from general duty manual tools to top of the range Italian and American tooling


If you can’t see the tool you are looking for, please give us a call and we will be happy to help


STANDARD MANUAL STRAPPING TOOL – Other tools available, please give us a call for more information



MX19R – Standard Tensioner with Cutter


Tensioner with Cutter for 10 to 19mm steel strapping



CIP1860 – Standard Rack Tensioner


Standard Rack Tensioner for 19mm to 32mm Steel



MX1620 – Standard Feedwheel Tensioner


Standard Feedwheel Tensioner for 19 to 32mm Steel


Single Notch Crimpers


We stock a range of single notch crimpers, ranging from 10mm to 19mm


These crimpers are idea fro us with 0.6mm steel


MX25/32CD – Double Notch Crimper


We stock a range of Double notch crimpers for 25mm and 32mm Steel


These tools are Heavy duty and made for the stronger 25 and 32mm Seals




A333 – Standard 13-19mm Sealless Tool


The A333 is a Sealless combination tool and is best suited for 13mm to 19mm Steel strapping.


The tool makes use of a die to pierce the steel together which intern means that no seal is needed to hold the strap tight.

EP RANGE OF MANUAL TOOLS (AMERICAN) – Other tools are available, Please give us a call for more information



EP1650 – HD Rack Tensioner


This American designed tool is the ideal too for Heavy Duty strapping. It is best used for 19-32mm Steel strapping.


It is a hard working tool and will not let you down.


EP1425 – Feedwheel Tensioner


This standard duty feed wheel tensioner is ideal to use with 10-19mm steel. It is light weight but man enough for the job at hand.


EP1820 – Feedwheel Tensioner


This heavy duty Feedwheel Tensioner is a hard working tool for use with all 19-32mm Steel. it is made from robust steel and will keep on working no matter what you throw at it.


EP 1900 Range – Crimpers


These crimpers are made to the same standard as all the other EP range of tools.


These crimpers come in different sizes and are all double notched – 19mm, 25mm and 32mm

SIAT TOOLING (ITAILIAN) – Other tools are available, Please give us a call for more information



STTMR 25-32


Manual Feedwheel Tensioner for indoor or outdoor use. 


This Tensioner is a Heavy Duty tool for use with 19 and 32mm steel strapping.


The tool can tension strapping from 0.6mm to 1mm in thickness


SDN 25-32mm Crimper


The SDN Range is a Heavy Duty Crimper for steel strapping. It comes in 2 different sizes, 19mm and 32mm and give the user a double notch in the seal they are using for extra grip


This crimper can be use on strap thicknesses from 0.6 to 1mm


ST IMA 13-19 HD Sealless tool


The ST IMA is a high tension SEALLESS tool, which is easy to use and very reliable.


The standard tool is set for 16mm and guides for 13mm and 19mm are included in the box


This tool can be used on 0.8mm Steel, but is best suited for 0.6mm


Please contact us if the tooling you are looking for is not listed. We carry a large range of tooling and not all tools are listed